Are you a teacher? Consider giving the gift of reading to a marginalized child by traveling with Loving Through Literacy. The cost is $3,000, the reward… priceless.

Sponsoring a teacher for this mission is a gift that will keep on giving for generations.

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Sponsor a Liberian Teacher for the Read ABC Liberia workshop. This includes all manuals, texts, classroom supplies and follow- up monitoring. Liberia desperately needs trained teachers. A well equipped teacher ensures success of the student.

Travel with LTL and be a reader, helper or aide. We need you to be on our support team. You do not need to be a teacher to be an integral part of education in Liberia.

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Friends of Loving Through Literacy are working diligently at getting books and reading instruction to areas of the world where there is no access to either. Sadly, even with books and instruction, something as simple as a $5 pair of reading classes keeps these people from being able to enjoy the treasures within the books. If you send us new or gently used reading and prescription glasses, we will deliver them with the books.

Thank you for helping us deliver READING to the marginalized!

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Sponsor a bench for a classroom. Some schools have as many as 45 children to one chair. Many children sit on the floor during school. You donation of $50 allows us to build a bench style desk seating 6 students.


LTL is training and sending out tutors to remote villages to help and encourage struggling students. The reading movement in Liberia is benefitting both children and adults. Consistancy is the key to success.

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Making a monthly commitment ensures the consistency needed to build the bonds of trust.

Books to the Bush is a program designed to bring the library experience to the most remote areas of Liberia. Twice a month a driver and tutor will bring a story time rug and a rack of books to children that would never otherwise enjoy the library experience. This costs $35 once a month, or $35 two times monthly.

Fill the shelves of Yekepa Children’s Library with Books!

Your gift of:
$20 will buy 7 books
$30 will buy 11 books
$40 will buy 14 books
$50 will buy 18 books

We have partnered with Better World Books to supply us with culturally appropriate books to fill our library.  Better World Books sells new and used books online to raise money for literacy initiatives worldwide. They offer great bargains on used books with over 6 million used and new titles.  AND, shipping is free to anywhere in the US and just $3.97 worldwide.   Better World Books is also committed to preserving the environment through recycling used books, saving them from landfills and conserving our precious resources.

Do your shopping with Better World Books and help Loving through Literacy build out the library walls!  By entering the Better World Books website through the link below, LTL will receive a 5% commission on all sales. Click on the link below and shop to your heart’s content.  The prices are GREAT and shipping is FREE within the US!


Volunteer groups are always needed for sorting, proofing and packing.

Schools/Libraries please consider LTL for your charity. Donate your outdated/unwanted curriculum and supplies.

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Change4Change is a program designed to raise money for the project of your choice. Your organization or school will collect change to bring change.

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Schools/Organizations get involved. You can hold book drives for new and gently used books.

Publicity packets available

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We are now part of the box tops for education program.

Please collect and send to: P.O. Box 503 Higley, AZ 85236
(or give them to any member of the Loving Through Literacy team)

All proceeds go directly to various literacy programs around the U.S.

Because of the very generous donation of this building by Acelor Mittal, we now have a site for the first ever children’s library. We must raise $50,000 to begin construction on the build out.


The vision is beautiful. The opportunities for village children… staggering.

Please help these children with their need to read. Partner with us to build Yekepa Community Children’s Library.


All levels of construction skill are needed to complete this project. A willing spirit is all that is needed.

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Hope in ourselves is often revealed by our mentors. Help mentor someone who is willing to work in a trade and give them an opportunity to change their lives and those around them.

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Developing skills that will change a life and build relationships that will last a lifetime…help complete the Yekepa Community Children’s Library and empower a community with the gift of reading.

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